Dance With Me Wedding Dance Lessons

How soon should we start lessons?

We recommend to start at least 3 months before your big day. This will depend on the difficulty of the routine you want and your time availibility however.

When can we have lessons?

Lessons are available during weekdays and weekends in the morning, afternoon and evenings. Our timetable (to the right) gives an indication of the availibility of certain times during a normal week. We will always endeavour to find a time that is convenient for you.

How many lessons will we need?

The number of lessons you have is entirely up to you but as a general rule, for a basic routine, you should be planning at least 5 lessons. Keep in mind things like the length of time until your wedding, the amount of time in which you have to practise, and on the complexity of the dance routine that you would like to learn.

What should we bring/wear to our first lesson?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in. Stretch pants, flared skirts etc. are ideal as your legs will be able to move freely. Shoes should be comfortable with some support. Avoid rubber soles as these grip the floor. As your wedding day approaches, it is a good idea to bring your wedding shoes in for a lesson so that you can get used to dancing in them. Don't forget to bring in your CD with the song, or songs, that you have chosen.

Can we record the routine?

Of course, it is a great way to practise at home, so we encourage you to bring your camera and record individual moves and/or the whole routine. In fact we highly recommend it, even if you don’t have much time to practise — watching the video can definitely help you to remember the routine.

Style: tie shirt cuff does not matter to natural open appropriate; trousers with elastic mouth or belay is appropriate, because there are some yoga moves after turning supine, tight mouth can prevent Kutong decline. Winter clothing with long pants, long clothing based. Summer can be equipped mainly with short pants trousers. Color: try to choose fresh, light colors, with a solid color for the best,lululemon outlet so let your optic nerves to relax, calm down so fast. Do not let the color too much jumping, loud, makes you feel excited about the color try not to wear when practicing yoga.

When practicing yoga, a loose, comfortable clothing so that the body can freedom of movement, to avoid your body, breathing is restricted, the body and mind to relax,lululemon factory online feel good, more quickly into the yoga state. Professional yoga clothes soft fit undulating body movements with bent, elastic moderate, more show your elegance. Clothing is a cultural manifestation, is the outpouring of style, which makes the endoplasmic yoga is reflected in the dynamic between. Now available for selection during exercise clothes more diverse.lululemon outlet Texture, style, style, color, and style each different, everyone can choose according to their own preferences to favorite costume, but is a set of gentle yoga, stretching, focusing on the integration of fitness methods, so the choice of clothes ,Lululemon canada the proposal refer to the following points:

Texture: The use of cotton or linen fabrics wholly mainly because cotton or linen breathable, sweat is very good, very soft, do not let your body feel tight bondage. Alternatively, you can choose to join in some cotton Lycra fabric composition of the material, mainly to increase the elasticity of clothes.

Style: simple, elegant, neat. Do not have too many clothes accessories (especially metals), with or knot to prevent chromium the body, causing unnecessary harm.lululemon outlet Should limbs stretch freely, the whole body does not feel bound prevail.

Quantity: yoga clothing General shall prepare two or more, so that we can replace, especially Bikram yoga even more so. But the need to mention is this: For the purposes of the ancient practice of yoga: Yoga think when we should have been wearing the same clothes and do not wash, which helps yogis. Of course, this is very difficult for our modern terms, so we do not recommend, just as knowledge about it. lululemon outlet In short, the practice of yoga is no time to let your body outward bound, stretch freely, can bring you calm, relax yoga clothing is preferred.

Style: To highlight the personality, you can choose a style of Indian ethnic clothing, loose natural, flowing free and easy to wear that there is a mystery; There is also a modern style Workout clothes, tight elastic, wear can also bring out OK body, the general practice Bikram yoga is more appropriate. lululemon outletYou can choose according to their own preferences. Lululemon canada


"We would recommend these lessons to any couple who want to have fun with their wedding dance - you will have a great wedding knowing that you're relaxed and prepared! Our wedding dance was a huge hit and we have very happy memories. We really impressed some of our friends too..."

— Cally & Craig


Parents of the Bride & Groom as well as the entire Bridal Party can also be catered for in your dance routine.